*Order three Gourmet-Mex Wraps with THE WORKS to add Monterey Jack Cheese, sour cream and lettuce for an additional $ 3.25.

Marinated and charbroiled chicken is chopped and placed on a bed of gourmet black beans and Aztec rice, then topped with FRESH sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa.

Marinated skirt steak is chopped right off of the flames in to deep south black beans and Aztec rice.  Topped with FRESH sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa.

(15) PACIFIC CATCH*            
The FRESHEST seasonal catch available topped with our Yucatan white sauce and served on a bed of Aztec rice and deep south black beans.  Topped with FRESH cabbage and sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa.

(16) HOLY FRIJOLE           
A hearty meal with great taste appeal:  gourmet black beans slow cooked from optimum flavor, Monterey Jack cheese and Aztec rice.

This smaller version of our Sonora Marinated Chicken wrap is perfect for a light appetite.

Perfect for kids or those with a light appetite.  Gourmet black beans with melted Monterey Jack cheese to fill your tummy with a taste that's yummy.

--New Item --
(19) CHILI  VERDE WRAP      
Braised pork, slow cooked in a tomatillo chili sauce, fall-off-the-bone tender and full of flavor. Served on a bed of Aztec rice and gourmet black beans.  Wrapped in a flour tortilla.

--New Item --

(20) FAJITA WRAP     
SIZZLING HOT OFF THE GRILL. Chicken or chopped steak, sauted with sweet bell pepper and caramelaized onion. Served on a bed of Aztec rice with melted jack and cheddar cheese. Wrapped in a gourmet tomato tortilla. 
$ 10.95

$ 12.95

$ 14.95

$ 8.95

$ 8.95

$ 5.95

$ 13.95

$ 14.95

Mambo Combo: Choose any wrap and we will add a side of Aztec rice, gourmet black beans, chips, and a 16oz. soda of your choice for only an additional $ 3.95.

All wraps can also be served in a bowl.