Steamed artichoke hearts, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, FRESH broccoli and corn salsa are mingled with pine nuts, feta cheese and Aztec rice for a truly delightful mix.

Gourmet black beans and Aztec rice are wrapped up with Monterey Jack cheese, FRESH sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa and homemade chunky guacamole.

(23)  TOFU FOR U (Vegan, 99% Fat Free)
Protein packed Tofu topped with FRESH corn salsa, cabbage salsa and julienne carrots, Aztec rice and gourmet black beans.

(24)  TAJ MAHAL (Vegan, 99% Fat Free)
This wrap is a monument of good taste with a spicy blend of FRESH curried petite of red potatoes, Julienne carrots, peas, cabbage salsa and jasmine rice.

(25) ACROPOLIS (Vegan, 99% Fat Free) 
FRESH steamed garden vegetables makes this a hot medley, sugar snap peas, Julienne carrots, artichoke hearts, bean sprouts, corn salsa, and Jasmine rice topped with a tangy BBQ sauce.

   -- New Item--
(26) GARDEN VEGGIE (Vegan, 99% Fat Free)     Grilled FRESH vegetables - zucchini, summer squash, sweet bell pepper, baby carrots with a FRESH tomato salsa, served on a bed of Aztec rice. Slow cooked deep south black beans, wrapped in a gourmet spinach tortilla.  

$ 13.95

$ 10.95

$ 12.95

$ 11.95

$ 12.95

$ 12.95

Mambo Combo: Choose any wrap and we will add a side of Aztec rice, gourmet black beans, chips, and a 16oz. soda of your choice for only an additional $ 3.95.

All wraps can also be served in a bowl.